Kthma Perek

Faithful to tradition

Half an hour away from Thessaloniki, Ktima Perek is the ultimate destination for a short trip close to the city, as it combines nature, fun and best of all –an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

At our restaurant you will have the chance of enjoying traditional flavours specific to Pontos and Greece.

The really good ingredients from our own land and from local producers, the homelike, traditional cooking techniques and the wood oven are part of our philosophy and the secret to our recipes!

Restaurant in the Garden

Respect for the natural landscape

Enjoy the comforting warmth of the restaurant with its stone-built fireplaces or the invigorating fresh air outdoors with the waterfalls, the spring fountains and the garden in full bloom.

Our property can boast a workshop where we prepare local products made according to tradition, ecological and bio standards, and also the local shop with traditional local goods.

Παραδοσιακό Κανάτι
Property in Nature
In harmony with nature!

From the garden straight to your plate

Good quality raw ingredients are a must for us. We keep a daily contact with nature and know our production line from its very first step. The growth of the semi wild, free range black pig guarantees excellent quality meat and the vegetables and herbs plots on our property give us the change to enrich our dishes with special flavours.

Moreover we get the best local produce and have the best collaboration with our suppliers. We get the best of what this place has to offer and also have a positive impact on the local economy development and support for the local, countryside women.

A place for the entire Family

It is the ideal place for the entire family as it has two playgrounds, safe yards for farm animals and well guarded, custom made spaces for those who want to enjoy the outdoors.

There is also a workshop for children adaptable to summer and winter conditions and facilities such as baby high chairs, diaper changing mats and children’s menu at the restaurant.

For the new moms the space is encouraging breast feeding everywhere they wish to, be it in the restaurant or in a discreet and comfortable drawing room.

Mary Mouratidou

Our History

Ktima Perek is a dream come true, a successful combination of science and tradition.

Our family business was founded in 1999 by our mother –Mary Mouratidou, as a bakery unit that produced homemade products.

With her background and experience as a biologist and researcher, and as one of the pioneers of bio cultures in Thessaloniki she was inspired to create a group of women that would collaborate so that the homelike baking techniques would pass on from one generation to the other.

In 2009 the workshop moved to a property with a surface of 10 acres which is today a multi-purpose space, full of aromas and flavours that keep traditions and memories alive.

Your Moments

We can organize a whole range of celebrations combining the unique atmosphere of the property with the practicality of our facilities and our experience.