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Half an hour away from Thessaloniki, Ktima Perek is the ultimate destination for the entire family as it combines nature, fun and best of all –an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Είσοδος Περέκ

A multi-purpose venue created with love and care and meant to offer genuine flavours that revive tradition and bring back dear memories.

With playgrounds for children and yards for animals, art workshop for children, art exhibition and many other activities, Ktima Perek offers good choices for all age groups.

H avli tou ktimatos

Reviving Tradition

In the middle of a great verdant garden with spring fountains, waterfalls and other stone-made constructions there is the restaurant built according to the architectural style and aesthetics of a Greek mansion.

In the restaurant here you will have the chance to enjoy genuine flavours that follow the tradition of Pontos and of the entire Greece.

The natural ingredients from our own land and from the local producers, the homelike, traditional cooking techniques and the wood oven are part of our philosophy and the secret to our recipes!

Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Coffee and Sweet at the Estate

Your Moments

We can organize a whole range of celebrations combining the impressive natural environment and the practicality of our facilities.

You can dream of your special event in the middle of this lush garden, close to the pond with the stone waterfall and enjoying the view of Mount Olympus.

A special place for your special moments becomes the ideal venue for your most beautiful memories.

Wedding Baptism

Δεξίωση Γάμου

Ingredients from our own land

Close to the restaurant, the traditional bakery workshop lights the wood oven and the fireplace every day to prepare fresh bread from sourdough for the restaurant, Perek dough, homemade, slow dried pasta and much more. Visitors can also purchase from the local shop various products that they tried and enjoyed at the restaurant.

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Beautiful place

Beautiful place, especially to watch the sunset! Nice food with Pontian specialties. Their pita is always excellent, great melitzanosalata, salads, stuffed grape leaves and more!

Beautiful place


Excellent Meal

Really excellent meal and reasonable prices. It's a massive restaurant with great indoor and outdoor seating and a killer view. Dolmas, Taboulie, Meatballs, Specially pies all really good and portion sizes are really big! So be careful if you want to try a number of things.

Excellent Meal

Steven W.

Great place near Thessaloniki

Great place for a day trip from Thessaloniki, especially for families with kids. Spacious interior and exterior, great choice for coffee and food throughout the year. You definitely need to try perek if you visit, but there are also delicious main courses in the menu.


Rodoula B.