The stone restaurant

Ideal Food Destination

Try original recipes from Pontos and from the entire Greece in the unique atmosphere of our restaurant.

The secret to our dishes is the natural ingredients and the traditional way of cooking in clay pots in a wood oven! Homelike flavours, authentic flavours that bring back old forgotten feelings!

Our most famous and most special dish is the perek! This Pontiac pie is made of dough leaves baked beforehand in a fireplace, in real fire. When you order it,it is ready in minutes by adding the filling of your choice, a sweet of savoury one. It is a delicious, light and unforgettable treat!

Authentic Flavours

Try the slow cooked black pig grown in our own farm, the homemade pasta we do and many other scrumptious dishes while enjoying the fresh unfiltered beer of small local producers, our own tsipouro or the wine made in our village from the local grape varieties.

traditional tastes

Moments of Absolute Relaxation

Top it all with a cup of coffee served with some fresh cookies from our own bakery and which can be enjoyed by the fireplace in winter, or in the middle of our lush garden in summer. Homemade spoon sweets, syrupy cakes and the ice cream we make ourselves from fresh sheep milk will win even the most demanding sweets lovers!

After your meal or your cup of coffee you can take a look at the goods displayed in our shop and purchase those that won your heart.

Stigmes Xalarosis
Bakery products
Enjoy the magical view!