Overlooking Mount Olympus

Seeing towards Mount Olympus

Located in a magical spot, if we consider the climate and the view, the village Monopigado is the last village that belongs to Thessaloniki, on the old road to Chalkidiki. It is a village of 200 inhabitants, entirely made up of Pontiacs.

Due to its mild climate and good soils that have not been drained out by intensive agriculture, goods such as hard wheat, legumes, vine and herbs that grow here are well known for their good quality. The village boasts a modern winery –“Moschopolis”- that revives old varieties of wine such as the kalomati and the mavrotragano. There is also the organic Greek herbs farm ”INONI” which cultivates and collects high quality bio herbs that stand out for their one of a kind taste.

Visitors coming to our property can also visit:

Saint Paisios Monastery

In Souroti, 7 km away from Ktima Perek there is the Holy Monastery of Saint Ioannis and Arsenios. The Monastery also shelters the tomb of Saint Paisios.

Only 10 km away from the Monastery of Saint Paisios the old Byzantine Holy Monastery of Saint Anastasia the Deliverer from Potions stands tall in the middle of the green slope of the Mountain of Vasilika. Last, but not least, for those interested in churches and monasteries, there is also the Church of saint George in Krini – Chalkidiki, a restored church dating from the 18th century.

Monastery of St. Paisios

The Cave of Petralona

The Cave of Petralona , only 7.5 km away from our property is famous for the findings which revealed it used to be inhabited by the first hominids about 700.000 years ago.

Petralona Cave

The Folklore Museum of Monopigado

It is a museum of the Pontic Hellenism and it is housed in the primary school in the village- the pride and joy of the Pontiacs of the whole region. The museum displays artifacts that belonged to the refugees and were used in their everyday life.

Folklore Museum of Monopigado
Παραδοσιακό Κανάτι
Museum of Pontic Hellenism
A journey back in time to discover the local traditions!