Below you will find answers to the most common questions regarding Ktima Perek

What are the Ktima’s opening times?
Closed on Mondays. Tuesday to Sunday it opens at 10am and closes at 9pm , except for Saturdays when it closes at 10 pm.

Is there disabled access?
The venue has been specifically designed for disabled access.

Is it necessary to make a reservation?
On Sundays, yes. Call our contact numbers to make a reservation: 23960 25305 και 697 7000293.

Is it possible to visit Perek for a coffee only?
Perek is also a café where we serve a wide variety of coffees and ice-cream produced by us, as well as sweet preserves and pan sweets. Coffee is also the perfect accompaniment to a Perek pie.

Are there any vegetarian or fasting-friendly options?
Our homemade pasta dishes, snacks and Perek pie are all suitable for vegetarians. During Lent we offer a special menu featuring traditional recipes and seafood.

Are there any side activities at the restaurant?
Visitors to the restaurant can view the changing arts exhibitions on display, stroll in the gardens or visit our shop. Children can play in the playground, play team games on the lawn, go cycling or while away the time in the indoor play area.

How long can Perek pastry sheets be kept for?
Perek pastry sheets keep well for up to one year if stored somewhere moisture-free. Baking the pastry sheets in a natural fire in the fireplace, dehydrates the pastry which is what enables them to be kept for so long.

How do I bake one of your frozen pies?
We suggest that you place the pie on an oven tray. First apply a light coating of oil to the tray then place the frozen pie on it. Let it rest there for about 15 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180-200oC, setting the oven to top and bottom heat (using a fan-assisted oven if possible) then bake for about 45 minutes until golden and crisp on top.

How long can your bread be kept for?
The sourdough bread can be kept for up to 10 days if stored properly in a bread bag or in the fridge.

Is there a choice of menus? If so, which ones?
A wide variety of menus is available for you to choose from to suit each type of event and your wishes and desires. The menu suggestions are based on dishes chosen from the restaurant’s menu which can be tailored to suit your preferences. We also offer a series of special menus, such as our Pontic and Cretan menus as well as our Lenten period menu.

Are there any churches near the Estate where weddings or baptisms could be held?
There are extremely beautiful, picturesque churches in the village as well as in other nearby villages just a short distance away where the ceremony can be held.

Are there extra charges for staff and use of equipment
No, all essential equipment (tablecloths, porcelain plates, glasses, cutlery etc.) is provided at no extra charge, as are all the staff needed to host your event.

Can the staff at Ktima Perek get in charge of the music and flower/décor arrangements?
We can offer music and flower/décor arrangements options for your event according to your taste and advice so as everything turns out just as you dreamt of.

What facilities are there for families?
Two playgrounds, indoors and outdoors space for the children’s art workshop, fences that keep these spaces safe, baby high chairs, diapers changing tables, kids’ menu at the restaurant, breast feeding friendly environment, safely enclosed yards with farm animals.